What is a Gothic Novel?

Many of us think that Gothic Novels are only for the poor and the lowly. When we hear a story about a nameless person, we automatically associate the title to being Gothic. While some Gothic novels are known for their brutal characters, these stories are usually much better than our perception of them.

A good Gothic novel is considered to be a great literature that has only touched on a small part of its readers. These novels tell their stories in a simple and elegant language. They focus on the emotion rather than the violence, setting up great reasons for the characters to do what they do. As such, it is a very well-written fiction that focuses on the plight of the characters and tries to show how the characters deserve to be there in the story.

Stories in Gothic novels do not have the ability to make the reader become the characters. The characters and the situations are far away from our imagination. Instead, the stories are all about the character that you become. This is where your imagination comes into play and the tales can make you feel like the characters that you become in the story.

Gothic novels make you believe that those who cannot change can suffer as much as those who try to change. These books are famous for their realistic portrayal of their characters and how they deal with hardship. It has been said that there is no way to write a Gothic novel and make it a Gothic novel. It is simply a matter of life experience for the author and a passion for the genre itself. Other authors however, claim that it is possible to write a Gothic novel with very little experience in the genre.

The Gothic romance is often included in the Gothic novels. It describes how a romance between a powerful vampire and an ordinary man can bring down an empire. Inmany cases, it would take generations before the two can actually meet. The moral of this romance is that a strong person can change the world; one man alone cannot change the world.

There are various ways in which an author can write a Gothic novel. Some authors write their story as if they were trying to imitate some of the classic works from the genre. Others simply take the word Gothic as a name for what they want to say about themselves and that is all. There are no set rules as to how to write a Gothic novel.

Gothic novels are the result of creativity and have a very large fan base all over the world. They contain some of the most enduring literary stories. They bring in a lot of knowledge about the Gothic culture, society and history.

All of us know about some of the great stories of the Gothic novels. We all know that there are no rules to writing a Gothic novel, but we know that it is a great way to express ourselves through the creation of a fictional story.