The Journal of the Epistolary Novel

Once upon a time I came across a literary journal called The Epistolary Novel. The title of the journal indicates that the writers published their writings in their journal and were there to discuss their creative endeavours, writing style and their interaction with the author.

The journal is interesting for its founder Jodie Oakes. She was a social worker and later became a writer. Jodie Oakes had been impressed by an article on the industry, where the author talked about how there were “no marketplace for literature and that writers were paid only for copies which they had written.”

While Jodie Oakes didn’t write fiction, she thought it was important to be able to convey a message and because of her background she was very interested in working in the publishing industry. This led her to discover some writers in the UK and with them she had written a novel, and this novel went on to become a bestseller.

After several years of conversation and writing, the first journal was published and in it Jodie outlined her feelings on creative writing, the business of writing and more. “Writing the Journal” was the title of the first volume and when we re-read this episode, it’s great to hear about the value of literature and how not everyone who writes is talented enough to be published.

I think we can all agree with the fact that literature is valuable and will continue to be valuable for many generations to come. What I didn’t realize is that the writers were being paid on a “copy”. The irony of the situation is that the book was printed before the book went to press and many authors were paid nothing. The journal mentioned above talks about the authors who had worked on a copy with no compensation, and how these copy writers became famous writers too.

In the second volume of the journal, there is a summary of an earlier novel, “A Clockwork Orange”. In this book, Alex is not scared of committing crimes because he is in a prison. “A Clockwork Orange” has been described as a dystopian novel where the main character uses violence to achieve his goals. I think the authors were more aware of what they were writing then, and they were passionate enough to express their opinions in their words.

If you’d like to read more from the Journal of the Epistolary Novel, then you’ll need to go online and find it. It’s an online magazine, and like all the other online magazines available, it’s free to join. To find out more about the different topics that are covered in the journal, and how they might relate to you, visit the website and find out what it offers. It’s an entertaining way to learn more about the writers who’ve contributed to the magazine.

Writing is definitely a challenge, but it can also be a wonderful experience. It is up to you to take control of your writing abilities and use it to reach your readers. Don’t let fear of rejection stop you, and try writing and sharing your views about writing.