The Battle Through the Heavens Novel by Brian Keene

The Battle Through the Heavens novel by Brian Keene is very good novel, which is about a young orphan who is going to do battle with the prince of the angel. It is one of the best and new series of books to start your reading with.


The novel starts with the story of Brian Keene, who is going to be hired by a customer and it was all going well for him. But, all of a sudden, a super being named Abraxis decides to invade and take over Earth. With his help, he wants to take over all the planets, which is why Brian’s client finds it rather difficult to build a bomb that can stop him.

One of the angels, after hearing that Earth is under attack from the super beings and plans to invade, decides to take action and uses all of his powers to merge with the angels and brings them down to Earth. Then, Abraxis is believed to have merged with the one who lives in Earth’s dome. There is a war going on and because the angels can no longer support themselves, they will need to use the rest of their powers to defend Earth.

The book’s hero, Sonny is the one who stops the invasion and takes down Abraxis. One of the other angels who believes that he has been sidelined and sent to Earth to get rid of his best friend begins to say that he can no longer be in heaven. He gets angry at God and starts fighting with him for no reason at all.

The good thing about this book is that, there is power in this novel and it’s a challenge for the young boy to defeat it. There are lots of stories to be told in this novel and it is good that you find them easily when you read it.

At the end of the book’s progress, the reader is given a message from heaven, which is to do with the person in danger. The reader is told to go and rescue the girl from Abraxis’s clutches. It also tells the reader that his race was scared of this super being because they thought that he can do anything and to save Earth from him.

The book’s protagonist, Sonny, is his name and he wants to live a normal life and he wants to have friends and a family. The only problem with him is that he is too much aggressive and he doesn’t care if people he kills are bad or not.

In short, the book is good, the novel is written by someone who has a talent to write the characters in such a way that you can sympathize with them. I recommend this novel to all young readers who are in search of some good books to read.