Light Novel Martial God Asura and Light God Asura

Light Novel Martial God Asura and Light God Asura – The Light God Asura

Martial God Asura

After the attacks in the city of Mistilteinn, Kurono was plagued by the feeling that something was going on. He felt something behind him and could not see his feet. He had no idea where he was or what was happening to him. Thinking back, he realized that one night he had almost passed out and fell asleep with his body paralyzed.

The next morning, Kurono started walking, but something was always drawing him to a certain direction. He soon found himself entering a cavern, surrounded by many rocks and tunnels.

Kurono tried hard to avoid any unnecessary thoughts when he came into a light novel based story. The main character, who was looking for a person at the same time the Martial God Asura was trying to find a way to get there. Since the main character was trying to find the Martial  God Asura, Kurono had no choice but to follow him as well. It was almost the same scene from the novel, except Kurono now had to cross a big river before he arrived at his destination.

While Kurono and the Martial God Asura crossed the river, they fell into a mysterious place where he was asked to do some hard work. The final step in the story was to find a river crossing which was supposedly the first step to a journey to Mount Asura.

Kurono felt like the whole story was being pulled away from him but he kept on going. After a while, he reached the bridge and managed to get through with just a few scratches on his legs. When he reached the other side, he met an ogre who told him to find an elixir for the Martial  God Asura’s pain.

He did not even think of asking where he could find an elixir for the Martial  God Asura’s pain, since he had already traveled for too long already. The Ogre laughed at him for doubting him and told him to go on a journey to a mountain village and find the elixir.

The Ogre gave him a pack containing some gold, silver and an elixir. He told him to take the pack and run away. He did not listen and ran back to the Ogre’s village.

Instead of helping him, the Ogre slapped him and told him that he had nothing in his hands. When he returned to the Ogre’s village, the Ogre gave him his fate. Kurono ended up in the desert and would die a natural death.