“I Am Your Father” by Nodame Isha

“I Am Your Father” by Nodame Isha Is a horror tale of an eerie light novel that is unique in its own way. It is about the dark past of a fifteen-year-old girl called Nidome No Yuusha who lives with her mother in a cramped apartment block.

Nidome No Yuusha

Nidome’s father was never around much but when he was, he was always busy trying to keep his life in order. She never had any close family and was an orphan herself. Her life was hard and she lived like a hermit among strangers. However, this changed when one day, a man appears in front of her with a mysterious yellow jacket and tells her that her uncle has died.

The man introduces himself as Shiji, who has been coming every week to visit Nidome’s mother and see the progress of her life. After a while, Nidome discovers a small pink jewel near Shiji’s chest and this jewel attracts all the girls, including herself, with its very existence.

Nidome continues to meet Shiji each week and slowly becomes interested in the jewel in his chest. She tries to give it a closer look before taking it away but somehow she forgets about it.

But one day, Nidome meets a boy called Kiyo. Kiyo is a part of the flower seller’s union and knows of Shiji’s past. They become friends and visit Shiji’s aunt and uncle, which give Shiji hope that his uncle might still be alive.

Shiji, however, has no luck at finding his uncle. He falls in love with a woman who is out shopping with her father and is obviously interested in him.

When Nidome sees this woman, she can’t resist her attraction towards her and end up buying something from her father. This causes Shiji’s aunt to contact Shiji and ask him to leave his aunt’s house for good.

Nidome stays in her aunt’s house but soon realizes that she has fallen in love with Shiji and decides to take her boyfriend back to her mother’s place. Shiji manages to save his life and they are taken in by her aunt and uncle. The real story of “I Am Your Father” is yet to come.