Book Review of World Defying Dan God by Hiroaki Shimada

Set in the year 2050, the World Defying Dan God Light Novel series by Hiroaki Shimada is a must read if you’re a World War II history buff. The author’s expertise on this era of history gives readers a detailed view of how the war was fought, what the country was like at the time, and what people thought about it. If you’re looking for more information on the war, or to learn more about the great heroes and villains of this era, World Defying Dan God can provide you with the information you need.

World Defying Dan God

The series is organized into several volumes, each one focusing on a particular hero of World War II, each of whom battles evil forces that threaten to bring about a third world war. These volumes are written in the first person, but do not restrict themselves to just one character; the whole story is told from the point of view of a hero who is also an observer of the battles. For example, in volume 3, Daniel God watches the film ‘A New Day’ – the story of how the British forces struggle to protect their homeland after a massive invasion by Germany and Italy. In this volume, he fights alongside his commanding officer, James Sutherland, and several other soldiers who are facing down massive numbers of enemies during the Battle of Britain.

In World Defying Dan God, there are four volumes to be read, each focusing on a different soldier in the U.K. military during the Second World War. The titles of these volumes are:

A New Day – One man’s war. A British-American soldier who survived the Battle of Britain sees the true horrors of the war when his warplanes are shot down and stranded over the Atlantic Ocean. Meanwhile, James Sutherland – an ace pilot who can fly above enemy aircraft – witnesses a terrible tragedy, which brings his morale down to the lowest ebb. Together, these two unlikely allies struggle to survive and get to safety before the third world war comes to their shores.

Home Ground – When a massive enemy attack forces the evacuation of a small town, its inhabitants find themselves on the front lines. An American officer and a British sergeant lead their troops to victory – even if they must fight to maintain their humanity. In this volume, an explosive and heart-pounding battle takes place between the enemy and the Brits, with casualties being suffered almost daily.

Life Beyond Death – The reality of death takes many forms in this action-packed volume. A secret government operation is born when an elite team of military operatives – including a British commando – is sent to investigate the rumors of the afterlife. This series focuses on the exploits of Daniel God and his comrades as they struggle to save the future of the human race from annihilation by Nazi forces.

Forbidden Memories – An ordinary woman who has been living in the shadows is pulled into the middle of the battle to save the world – and herself – when she meets an American military officer during the Battle of Britain. In this volume, the fate of humanity hangs in the balance as a new world war looms on the horizon.

In World Defying Dan God, the author’s expertise on the war is what sets his books apart from others. Readers can enjoy the details he puts into each story, the location where the events take place, and the numerous characters that make up the story.

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