Best Series of Non-Fiction Novels

‘The Hunter’ by Guy Gavriel Kay has created a storm of interest among young readers. The author’s debut novel is a non-genre blend of contemporary tales that are a mix of the fantastical and the real. The themes range from relationships to the survival of the fittest, to the simple pursuit of adventure. to be a power in the shadows novel by Guy Gavriel Kay is a culmination of four of his most inspiring stories.

This year, I read two of the Gavriel Kay novels which made me want to read the To be a power in the shadows novel – particularly the first half. One of the stories was ‘Forever’, a gripping tale of the search for a missing friend and father, both with some well-defined characters and fascinating plots. This tale is also about betrayal and deception. Some may think that a small dog is more important than its owner but the very mention of the animal’s name evokes the last days of ‘Mr. Kinsey, the dog’s owner, during the Second World War.

‘A Devil in Kensington Gardens’ is a very different tale about the hunting of a main character. Despite the hounding of the main character by the police, the hunt for the legendary “ghost-hunters” continues. The aim of this story is to get into the mind of the huntress in this piece, and to see how the characters in the novel to adapt to change.

The Search for the Lost Fortune by Derek Nicholas is also considered as a classic in the genre. In this well-known novel, we are given an insight into the life of a girl and her famous fortune in return for an action at the right time. The quest for the money leads the main character to a death trap but, despite all odds, she finds the right woman and man who make her their prisoner. This book contains many of the mystery tropes which was known for centuries, and still remains popular today.

‘Darkness’ by John Boyne is another good example of the non-genre blend of the paranormal and the modern. As the term suggests, the novel revolves around darkness which are brought out in the characters in their internal lives, as well as their external circumstances. It is an interesting story about old horror traditions, and about the evolution of the human intellect in terms of its ability to reflect the evil inside itself.

‘The Garden of Remembrance’ by Stephen King is, as the title suggests, a novel written about the memories of a main character. The story revolves around the main character’s journey back in time to his childhood and experiences in his mind in the form of stories and flashbacks. The novel is also a reminder that the memories are our companions.

‘Little Sister’ by Ben Aaronovitch is another example of the novels, which are made even more interesting when it comes to the non-genre blending. In this masterpiece, the main character is tortured by the pain of losing a dear one, but he finds himself bound by love.

The award for Best Non-Fiction Book goes to ‘The Secret History of Magic’ by Kate Bowler. The novel traces the evolution of magic through a series of short stories.