Against the Gods Review

Against the Gods Review

If you are a fan of fantasy and urban fantasy literature then I suggest you to try Against the Gods by Jeff Lemire. As most fans of this genre would say, this book is a very great book to read because it has some interesting concepts that you can easily relate to. The novel covers many topics like the existence of gods, and more specifically what makes a good human and what the attributes of these gods are.

Jeff Lemire has very good talent to create a compelling and pleasing story. The book is not as good as most critics think, but it is still a very enjoyable read. The biggest flaw of the book is that it isn’t a sequel of any other previous books. I really dislike reading about a story being recycled in the same way a sponge is re-used.

The minor things I don’t like is that some of the writing style could be improved. Some instances, when Jeff Lemire writes like he’s been drinking a lot, but his sentences are too short. It sometimes feels like he wants to give a detailed description, but simply used a couple of words.

But overall, the book has enough quality to make it worth reading. As a matter of fact, if you love urban fantasy, fantasy or even science fiction, I can highly recommend this book.

Despite how the book might seem to be lacking in the action, the character development and the plot, the main theme and the stories that it brings about are great for a great story telling skill of the great author Jeff Lemire. This is actually a great read for young readers because it’s not a traditional novel about a hero or villain, the story itself revolves around a real person.

I mean, as a writer’s attention is focused mainly on the narration, but the story itself is focused mainly on the characters and not too much on the story itself. This is really the major strength of the book because it has very interesting characters, and not one character has the whole story told.

Another strong point of the novel Against the Gods is that the anti-gods is something new and intriguing. The reader would truly feel like they’re doing research as if they’re in a book, exploring and asking questions about what’s happening. For all of its flaws, this is a book that still manages to bring great success to the reader.

Overall, Against the Gods is a new masterpiece. For the fantasy, urban fantasy and science fiction readers, this is a great read that has much potential.